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Lawn Watering Tips

Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Use the list below to learn more about the best way to water your lawn. Did you know it's best to water your lawn before 10 AM?

1. Only water the lawn

When watering your lawn, make sure that you’re only watering the lawn. Don’t waste time and energy (and money) watering the driveway or the sidewalk in front of your home.

2. Don’t water at night

It’s best to water your lawn before midday. The optimum time for watering is between 5 am and 10 am when the sun is less intense and temperatures are typically cooler. Once temperatures rise, the water may evaporate before it can fully penetrate the soil.

3. Install a lawn sprinkler system

One of the most efficient ways to water your lawn is to install an underground lawn sprinkler system. You won’t have to fuss with hoses or moving traditional sprinklers around your yard. With a sprinkler system, timers and sensors can do most of the hard work for you. The lawn sprinkler system is divided into distinct sprinkler zones. Each zone receives a predetermined amount of water that is appropriate for that section of the lawn or garden. If an underground sprinkler system doesn't interest you, you want to consider installing a super efficient drip irrigation system that slowly releases water that can then seep into the soil.

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4. Spread mulch

Spreading mulch may help reduce the amount of watering your lawn and plants need. Mulch helps hold in moisture and also provides beneficial nutrients to the soil.

5. Don’t get hung up on a schedule

Although it may seem obvious, you only need to water your lawn when it needs water. You should not get hung up on a firm schedule of watering. If it rains several days in a row, you can likely skip watering for the next few days.

6. Follow all local regulations

If there is a drought in your area, some watering restrictions may be put in place temporarily. Although it is tempting to maintain your perfectly green lawn, water conservation efforts should always be respected.

7. New sod needs more water

Newly laid sod requires much more water than mature grass. In most cases, sod needs to be watered twice a day. Mature grass may only require watering once or twice a week.

8. Consider harvesting rainwater

Rather than running a sprinkler system, you may consider attaching a rain barrel to your gutter system. A rainwater harvesting system collects and stores rainwater that can then be used at a later time to water your lawn and other plants.

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Need some help with your lawn? We can match you to a lawn company in your local area.

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