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Bermuda, St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass thrive well in Texas. But, every year millions of homeowners deal with annoying problems and nuisance pests in their lawn, having no idea how and where to begin fixing them. Such problems are often caused by busy schedule and irregular turf programs.

In home lawns, grassy weeds and broad leaf weeds are obvious and unsightly pests. Also, some underlying problems may affect turf quality. When not treated they cause more damage to turf. However, each turf grass has a specific major pest that could hinder its use and beauty.

Weeds are robbers and hard to eliminate! Weeds compete with turf grass for space, sun, water, soil organisms and essential nutrients required for plant growth and survival. Lawn weeds in North Texas are either perennial or annual grassy weed or broad leaf weed. Common among them are Dandelion, Chickweed, Dallis Grass, Spur Weeds, Nut Sedge and Button Weed. Proper management practices are needed in controlling most pest problems to a minimum before damage is done. It is best to control weeds before seed germinates in soil with pre-emergent herbicides while post-emergent herbicide is a key weapon to control existing weeds .

More so, disease problems which vary in different turf species are sometimes similar and can be confused for insect damage or water stress. Turf grass diseases like fungus, brown patches, leaf smut, St. Augustine Decline, Fusarium Blight and Spring Dead Spot are commonly caused because of their inability to photosynthesize, thus they depend and feed on plant tissues, dead decaying leaves and root. Curled leaf blades, thinning, yellowing, leaf spot and clumpy appearance are signs to watch out for. Plant injuries which are often caused by non-living and physical factors such as improper mowing, improper watering, oil spills, persistent traffic on lawn, inappropriate fertilizer. These factors are non-infectious but can expose lawn to disease attack and spread.

Some DIY homesowners have success tackling turf grass issues. More often their remedies are less effective because they do not tackle the underlying problems which may require matching control products (fungicide) which are turf grass specific and may avoid resurfacing problems. It’s best to get a local lawn care service to help combat turf grass problem as different level of maintenance is require to sustain turf quality. Start with a free lawn analysis offer from independent lawn care service to determine lawn health and get year round affordable lawn care package.

Above all, proper lawn fertilizer treatment, irrigation, and mowing are major requirements for a healthy lawn. Taller mowing heights aides photosynthesis. It also enhances deeper root systems and better drought tolerance. Mowing when turf is under stress or below recommended height will expose it to nuisance pest insects, diseases and weed. Turf grass are virtuous. Don’t let robbers take over your lawn. Protect your investment.

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