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Fall Lawn Care

Tips for Fall Lawn Care

1. Fall is the time to fertilize

Fall is a great time of year to fertilize your lawn, especially cool-season grasses. Fertilizer provides essential nutrients to the soil and it can help stimulate growth. If you plan on doing it yourself, make sure to spread an even layer of fertilizer. Too much fertilizer in one spot may actually kill the grass.

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2. Aerate Your Lawn

According to our Pros, you should aerate your lawn at least once a year to relieve soil compaction. Lawn aeration helps water, fertilizer, oxygen reach the roots of your grass and other plants. Over the course of the winter, your lawn will have time to heal and recover. It will then come back stronger and healthier the next season.

3. Leaf Removal

Before the first freeze, make sure that you have all of the leaves removed from your lawn. Wet leaves will grow mold. An entire layer of leaves may suffocate your lawn and the sun will not be able to reach the grass. Raking leaves can be very hard work. Many landscaping companies offer leaf removal services if you need a little help. At the very least, you should mulch your leaves by passing your lawn mower over the dry leaves. This will break them up into smaller pieces that will decompose over the course of the winter.

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4. Treat for Grubs

If you have a grub problem, fall is the best time of year to get the infestation under control. Lawn care companies offer different treatment options for controlling grubs. These grubs feed on the roots of your lawn. If the problem goes untreated, it can kill your entire lawn.

5. One final mow

Before the winter, you’ll need to mow your lawn one last time. You should cut it a little bit shorter than usual. Tall grass can become matted and harbor lawn disease.

6. Kill weeds

Weeding should be a part of any basic lawn maintenance plan. Some weeds can be pulled by hand, but others may require chemical treatment. You may consider hiring a professional service to treat the lawn before the onset of winter.

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7. Continue watering

As temperatures drop, it’s still important to keep watering your lawn. After the first frost, you can likely hang up the hose for the winter. If you have an underground sprinkler system, don’t forget to winterize your lawn sprinklers to prevent the water left in the pipes from freezing and cracking the pipes.

8. Re-seeding

If you lawn is looking patchy and requires re-seeding, it should be done in the early fall. Your grass will have two full growing seasons to get established before the intense heat of the summer.

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